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International Rotary District 3523 Holds Joint Meeting and Invites Expert to Share Net-Zero Vision

[Taipei, April 9, 2023] The joint meeting of Rotary International District 3523, Sub-Division Three was held yesterday at the VIP room of the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC), organized by four Rotary clubs: Huayang Rotary Club, South Taiwan Rotary Club, Ruiguang Rotary Club, and Huadong Rotary Club. The joint meeting started on time with the ringing of the bell by the chairperson and was followed by singing the Rotary song led by the emcee. The meeting featured guest speeches, business reports, and warm birthday celebrations. The guest speaker was Chen Lai-Juh, chairman of TENLife Group, invited by Dr. Shao Chien-an, program chair of Huayang Rotary Club, who introduced Chen's educational and professional background, commending him as Taiwan's most humane and tech-savvy master. Chen, who has extensive cross-border experience, established second-generation universities and zero-carbon universities, actively promoting the smooth succession and upgrading and transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises. The theme of Chen's speech was "Zero-Carbon Transformation of Enterprises in the Net-Zero Carbon Era."

Dr. Chen shared ten steps for zero-carbon transformation of enterprises in his speech, emphasizing innovation and paradigm shift as the key factors. He pointed out that 2023 is a critical year for the paradigm transfer of human commercial civilization since carbon will become valuable and carbon dioxide will be priced. This will add another dimension to our business in terms of pricing and specifications; carbon footprints will be redefined in the net-zero carbon era, and many industries will undergo paradigm shifts. Taking the building industry with nearly thousands of years of history as an example, under the future zero-carbon building regulations, the building industry will undoubtedly have to substantially increase its self-supply of electricity, maximize its power-generating area, and significantly enhance its energy efficiency, ultimately becoming an energy industry, which will be a paradigm shift for the building industry.

Dr. Chen noted that the trend of zero-carbon buildings will also drive the paradigm shift of the solar energy industry. New solar energy technologies, such as Perovskite Solar Cell , will be rapidly introduced into zero-carbon buildings in the future, and not only will roofs generate electricity, but also walls and tables may generate electricity. Chen also shared about "Luban 1," which attracted much attention at this year's "Zero Carbon City Expo." This is the world's first zero-carbon building concept micro sample house powered primarily by Perovskite Solar Energy.

The speech session was lively, and attendees asked many questions, eager to learn. The event embodied the spirit of the four Rotary clubs in Rotary International District 3523, Sub-Division Three. After the speech, the presidents of Huayang Rotary Club, Xie Chiheng, South Taiwan Rotary Club, Guo Jinquan, Ruiguang Rotary Club, Lian Lizheng, and Huadong Rotary Club, Zhang Xiangtan, presented Chen with flags representing each Rotary club as a gesture of appreciation. Chen also presented "Carbon Road Pioneer," a book documenting 18 cases of zero-carbon transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan, which has recently received a lot of attention in the bestseller rankings. Everyone took photos together after the meeting, saying goodbye and looking forward to the next meeting.

About Rotary International:

Rotary International is an independent social service organization comprised of business and professional leaders. Since its establishment in Chicago, Illinois, USA in 1905, Rotary International has become one of the world's largest non-governmental organizations, with a member network spanning over 200 countries and regions worldwide. Rotary International is committed to promoting humanitarian services, promoting high ethical standards, cultivating friendships, and world peace.

About Luban 1:

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