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TTBA partners with Bis5Cloud and CJCU to train Thai-Taiwanese executives in net-zero transformation

On March 5th, 2023, Bis5Cloud collaborated with the Thai-Taiwan Business Association (TTBA) and Chang Jung Christian University to successfully complete a Net-zero Transformation Executive Training program for Thai-Taiwanese businesses. The program consisted of 19 entrepreneurial students who completed a three-week course and received a certificate from Chang Jung Christian University. The class was diverse, consisting of listed companies that have won the Entrepreneurial Model Award and the Overseas Taiwanese Business Award, as well as various international brands that produce their own goods, spanning different industries such as metal rubber, stone processing, jewelry processing, medical consumables, biotech food, and the automobile industry.

The course covered various topics on how to achieve sustainable development in the context of the net-zero transformation trend, including international regulations, energy conservation and emission reduction, green supply chain construction, and eco-friendly design for factories and products. The students expressed that they learned a lot of practical and immediately implementable suggestions through the program. The cost of many of the recommended solutions was also not high, which gave them hope for their future zero-carbon transformation.

The lineup of instructors for this course is quite impressive, including Huang Shuyi, COO of Bis5Cloud, Bao Boyu, Vice President of SGS, Li Hanchao, Director of Industry Representatives, Wu Renzuo, General Manager, and Chuang Qiyu, Assistant Professor at Chang Jung University. They all have decades of practical experience in industry or academia and can provide students with rich knowledge and practical experience.

There are also two unique designs for this course. The first is that after the course, students are required to present a Net-zero Transformation roadmap on behalf of their company. Through this roadmap, students can integrate the experience and knowledge taught by the teachers, and they can also observe and learn from each other. The second design is to arrange for Bis5Cloud's energy-saving and carbon-reducing expert, Guan-Yi Yang, to conduct on-site surveys at the company. Through professional questionnaires and on-site interviews, he can provide immediate and effective energy-saving and carbon-reducing recommendations to the company. Students have expressed that this practical, on-site energy-saving and carbon-reducing method will bring significant help to companies in achieving Net-zero transformation.

The Net-zero Transformation Executive Class has received strong support from the Thai-Taiwan Business Association (TTBA). After the course, more than 80% of the participants expressed their satisfaction, saying that the instructors gave many practical and immediately implementable suggestions, providing them with a more specific direction for Net-zero Transformation. One of the participants said, "This training course is very valuable to us. In addition to understanding the importance and necessity of net-zero transformation, it is more important to learn many practical methods and techniques. The instructors are very professional, and their experiences and suggestions have given us great inspiration and help."

Guo Xiumin, the President of the Thai-Taiwan Business Association (TTBA), who personally attended the opening and closing of the Net-zero Transformation training course and presented graduation certificates to the participants, said that Taiwanese businessmen in Thailand need more professional resources support in terms of technology introduction, on-site guidance, talent cultivation, and student internships for net-zero carbon emissions while striving for excellence in business management. This training, jointly organized by the Thai-Taiwan Business Association (TTBA), BIS5Cloud, and Chang Jung Christian University, is the beginning of future quality cooperation. In addition to looking forward to mutual development, the Association will also seek more support programs from the Taiwanese government to help member companies cultivate ESG competitiveness to respond to long-term net-zero sustainable challenges.

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台灣數位企業總會(TDEA)自2020年成立以來,致力於推動企業數位轉型和零碳轉型,並在過去三年中取得了顯著成就。本文將回顧總會的主要活動、創會理事長、現任理事長、執行長及理監事群的貢獻,以及特別報導的優秀會員。 台灣數位企業總會的使命與願景 台灣數位企業總會的核心使命是協助企業運用內外部資源,發展數位轉型相關解決方案,並建立企業數位需求與政策方向的溝通管道。總會的目標包括推動企業數位轉型、零碳轉


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